The Eight Treasure Glow Serum wins Beauty Bible Award 2023

Among so many fantastic brands, 'The Eight Treasure Glow Serum' wins the Beauty Bible Award 2023 under the miracle treatment - serum category.



Quote from Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley, Joint Editors of Beauty Bible.

Chatea Skin - The Eight Treasure Glow Serum

With 27 years of compiling these Awards under our belt, it is always seriously impressive to the Beauty Bible team when a start-up brand does so well against some Very Big Industry Names – so congratulations to Chatea Skin for a great win in MIRACLE TREATMENTS – SERUMS, a category that saw the largest number of entries, in 2023's Beauty Bible Awards.

Our 'MIRACLE' categories are tough to win, as we ask testers to compare the results they see with the (often extravagant) promises made by a brand. This Serum beat many, many household names, putting on a truly spectacular performance (and we can't wait to try this winner ourselves!)


My skin is normally really dry, but now feels velvety soft, smooth; this Serum is so hydrating and feels so nice; • 'I love this product – my complexion looks amazing, and I've had lots of compliments to that effect' • 'I would 100% buy again; this Serum has rescued my skin – it's a game changer.

Feels such a joy when applied to the skin; it does what the bottle says – pleasant fragrance and non-sticky • 'It made my make-up stay put longer, and I didn't feel the need to do any touch-ups. Getting compliments was also very nice!' • 'If you want glowing skin, this is the go-to product! Trust me – it's a must-have!' •

'A few friends commented on how "fresh" my skin looked. I am quite fair-skinned, and sometimes I tend to look a bit grey, but I really noticed my skin to have a healthier glow' • 'Smells delicious and feels lovely on my skin.

I think it might completely replace my other serums and I like enough so for me to purchase another bottle already!' • 'Loved this product; I have always been a bit dubious about natural skincare, given my love for retinols and chemical-based skincare, but this is so effective that I cannot fault it.

It created a dewiness and grip that meant my base make-up went on smoother' • 'Noticeable difference in my skin when I use this product – I am told it looks glowy. I wouldn't necessarily say "younger", but definitely brighter, softer and plumper' •

'My skin can be quite sensitive, and I didn't have any discomfort at all with this so would recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin.'

About The Eight Treasure Glow Serum

The Eight TreasureGlow Serum delivers essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals to reduce visible ageing signs that lift and preserve a healthier, youthful, and radiant complexion. 

This pure Serum is based on the eight treasure ingredients: potent antioxidants and anti-ageing compounds.

Inspired by the Chinese Eight treasure tea (Ba Bao Cha)- an ancient beauty elixir for beautiful skin that was devised by the imperial doctors for Empress Dowager Cixi to retain her beauty, youth and longevity.

Chatea Skin turned the recipe into a skincare formula incorporated with goji berries, ginseng, and rosebuds, improving collagen synthesis. Green tea, osmanthus, and calendula help balance, soothe and protect the skin from damaging free radicals: Pomegranate and orange blossom peptide for lasting age-defying results that will get you noticed.

This powerful blend will give you the ultimate glow and bring back radiance to your skin.

Key ingredients

Chatea Skin's Eight Treasure: A blend of eight extracts and peptides of teas, flowers, and fruits: Goji berries, ginseng, rosebuds, green tea, osmanthus, calendula, orange blossom, and pomegranate. This powerful blend contains potent antioxidants, vitamins, essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids that trigger new collagen formation and increases hydration. Protects the skin against environmental damage and prolongs its ageing process.


🪙Green tea – Evens out skin tone and protects against oxidative stress.

🪙Ginseng – Promoting elasticity and collagen production.

🪙Goji berry – Helps reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing.

🪙Calendula – Calm down redness and prevent signs of ageing.

🪙Osmanthus – Nourishes and softens skin.

🪙Rose – Calms the skin and reduces blemishes

🪙Pomegranate – Lifts and plumps the skin.

🪙Orange blossom – Soothes, softens, and brightens dull skin.

Immerse yourself in this exquisite bottle of treasure with spring teas, summer flowers, and autumn fruits.

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